Why Invest with the KBH Group?

Strong investment is about growth, returns, security and resilience. There is little doubt that with a low return, low interest rate environment, investors are seeking ways to maximise their returns and investments.

Self Storage is one of the lowest risk investments available and the diversity of tenancy provides income security to Self Storage businesses. At some stage most people will need to use Self Storage and for many it’s a repeating process. Investing in Self Storage is a capital intensive asset backed investment that requires specialist management to maximise your returns.

KBH can provide you with a hands off investment opportunity structured to generate attractive recurring income over several years, coupled with the potential for significant capital growth.

KBH has completed several successful greenfields developments and acquisitions of existing facilities. KBH’s syndicates are typically setup for a minimum of 5 years and distributions are paid on a quarterly basis.

KBH Group’s Self Storage revenue growth in Western Australia is unequalled and REVPAM (Revenue per available metre) is 26% higher than the Perth metropolitan industry average.

Is Self Storage a simple, easy business? No, it isn’t.

From humble beginnings over 40 years ago, Self Storage as a commercial business and investment has grown from a simple “Mum and Dad” business, to a sophisticated commercial enterprise that is capital intensive and dependent on many factors including location, best of breed marketing, dynamic pricing strategies and efficient management systems.

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